Deep learning framework by BAIR

Created by
Yangqing Jia
Lead Developer
Evan Shelhamer

RHEL / Fedora / CentOS Installation

General dependencies

sudo yum install protobuf-devel leveldb-devel snappy-devel opencv-devel boost-devel hdf5-devel

Remaining dependencies, recent OS

sudo yum install gflags-devel glog-devel lmdb-devel

Remaining dependencies, if not found

# glog
tar zxvf glog-0.3.3.tar.gz
cd glog-0.3.3
make && make install
# gflags
cd gflags-master
mkdir build && cd build
export CXXFLAGS="-fPIC" && cmake .. && make VERBOSE=1
make && make install
# lmdb
git clone
cd lmdb/libraries/liblmdb
make && make install

Note that glog does not compile with the most recent gflags version (2.1), so before that is resolved you will need to build with glog first.

CUDA: Install via the NVIDIA package instead of yum to be certain of the library and driver versions. Install the library and latest driver separately; the driver bundled with the library is usually out-of-date. + CentOS/RHEL/Fedora:

BLAS: install ATLAS by sudo yum install atlas-devel or install OpenBLAS or MKL for better CPU performance. For the Makefile build, uncomment and set BLAS_LIB accordingly as ATLAS is usually installed under /usr/lib[64]/atlas).

Python (optional): if you use the default Python you will need to sudo yum install the python-devel package to have the Python headers for building the pycaffe wrapper.

Continue with compilation.