Deep learning framework by the BVLC

Created by
Yangqing Jia
Lead Developer
Evan Shelhamer

Local Response Normalization (LRN)

The local response normalization layer performs a kind of “lateral inhibition” by normalizing over local input regions. In ACROSS_CHANNELS mode, the local regions extend across nearby channels, but have no spatial extent (i.e., they have shape local_size x 1 x 1). In WITHIN_CHANNEL mode, the local regions extend spatially, but are in separate channels (i.e., they have shape 1 x local_size x local_size). Each input value is divided by , where is the size of each local region, and the sum is taken over the region centered at that value (zero padding is added where necessary).


message BatchNormParameter {
  // If false, accumulate global mean/variance values via a moving average. If
  // true, use those accumulated values instead of computing mean/variance
  // across the batch.
  optional bool use_global_stats = 1;
  // How much does the moving average decay each iteration?
  optional float moving_average_fraction = 2 [default = .999];
  // Small value to add to the variance estimate so that we don't divide by
  // zero.
  optional float eps = 3 [default = 1e-5];