Deep learning framework by BAIR

Created by
Yangqing Jia
Lead Developer
Evan Shelhamer

Softmax with Loss Layer

The softmax loss layer computes the multinomial logistic loss of the softmax of its inputs. It’s conceptually identical to a softmax layer followed by a multinomial logistic loss layer, but provides a more numerically stable gradient.


// Message that stores parameters used by SoftmaxLayer, SoftmaxWithLossLayer
message SoftmaxParameter {
  enum Engine {
    DEFAULT = 0;
    CAFFE = 1;
    CUDNN = 2;
  optional Engine engine = 1 [default = DEFAULT];

  // The axis along which to perform the softmax -- may be negative to index
  // from the end (e.g., -1 for the last axis).
  // Any other axes will be evaluated as independent softmaxes.
  optional int32 axis = 2 [default = 1];
// Message that stores parameters shared by loss layers
message LossParameter {
  // If specified, ignore instances with the given label.
  optional int32 ignore_label = 1;
  // How to normalize the loss for loss layers that aggregate across batches,
  // spatial dimensions, or other dimensions.  Currently only implemented in
  // SoftmaxWithLoss and SigmoidCrossEntropyLoss layers.
  enum NormalizationMode {
    // Divide by the number of examples in the batch times spatial dimensions.
    // Outputs that receive the ignore label will NOT be ignored in computing
    // the normalization factor.
    FULL = 0;
    // Divide by the total number of output locations that do not take the
    // ignore_label.  If ignore_label is not set, this behaves like FULL.
    VALID = 1;
    // Divide by the batch size.
    BATCH_SIZE = 2;
    // Do not normalize the loss.
    NONE = 3;
  // For historical reasons, the default normalization for
  // SigmoidCrossEntropyLoss is BATCH_SIZE and *not* VALID.
  optional NormalizationMode normalization = 3 [default = VALID];
  // Deprecated.  Ignored if normalization is specified.  If normalization
  // is not specified, then setting this to false will be equivalent to
  // normalization = BATCH_SIZE to be consistent with previous behavior.
  optional bool normalize = 2;

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