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caffe::Caffe Class Reference


class  RNG

Public Types

enum  Brew { CPU, GPU }

Static Public Member Functions

static CaffeGet ()
static RNGrng_stream ()
static cublasHandle_t cublas_handle ()
static curandGenerator_t curand_generator ()
static Brew mode ()
static void set_mode (Brew mode)
static void set_random_seed (const unsigned int seed)
static void SetDevice (const int device_id)
static void DeviceQuery ()
static bool CheckDevice (const int device_id)
static int FindDevice (const int start_id=0)
static int solver_count ()
static void set_solver_count (int val)
static int solver_rank ()
static void set_solver_rank (int val)
static bool multiprocess ()
static void set_multiprocess (bool val)
static bool root_solver ()

Protected Attributes

cublasHandle_t cublas_handle_
curandGenerator_t curand_generator_
shared_ptr< RNGrandom_generator_
Brew mode_
int solver_count_
int solver_rank_
bool multiprocess_

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