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caffe::Solver< Dtype > Class Template Referenceabstract

An interface for classes that perform optimization on Nets. More...

#include <solver.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for caffe::Solver< Dtype >:
caffe::SGDSolver< Dtype > caffe::AdaDeltaSolver< Dtype > caffe::AdaGradSolver< Dtype > caffe::AdamSolver< Dtype > caffe::NesterovSolver< Dtype > caffe::RMSPropSolver< Dtype >


class  Callback

Public Member Functions

 Solver (const SolverParameter &param)
 Solver (const string &param_file)
void Init (const SolverParameter &param)
void InitTrainNet ()
void InitTestNets ()
void SetActionFunction (ActionCallback func)
SolverAction::Enum GetRequestedAction ()
virtual void Solve (const char *resume_file=NULL)
void Solve (const string resume_file)
void Step (int iters)
void Restore (const char *resume_file)
void Snapshot ()
const SolverParameter & param () const
shared_ptr< Net< Dtype > > net ()
const vector< shared_ptr< Net< Dtype > > > & test_nets ()
int iter () const
const vector< Callback * > & callbacks () const
void add_callback (Callback *value)
void CheckSnapshotWritePermissions ()
virtual const char * type () const
 Returns the solver type.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ApplyUpdate ()=0
string SnapshotFilename (const string extension)
string SnapshotToBinaryProto ()
string SnapshotToHDF5 ()
void TestAll ()
void Test (const int test_net_id=0)
virtual void SnapshotSolverState (const string &model_filename)=0
virtual void RestoreSolverStateFromHDF5 (const string &state_file)=0
virtual void RestoreSolverStateFromBinaryProto (const string &state_file)=0
void DisplayOutputBlobs (const int net_id)
void UpdateSmoothedLoss (Dtype loss, int start_iter, int average_loss)

Protected Attributes

SolverParameter param_
int iter_
int current_step_
shared_ptr< Net< Dtype > > net_
vector< shared_ptr< Net< Dtype > > > test_nets_
vector< Callback * > callbacks_
vector< Dtype > losses_
Dtype smoothed_loss_
ActionCallback action_request_function_
bool requested_early_exit_
Timer iteration_timer_
float iterations_last_

Detailed Description

template<typename Dtype>
class caffe::Solver< Dtype >

An interface for classes that perform optimization on Nets.

Requires implementation of ApplyUpdate to compute a parameter update given the current state of the Net parameters.

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