4 #include <vector>
6 #include "caffe/blob.hpp"
7 #include "caffe/layer.hpp"
8 #include "caffe/proto/caffe.pb.h"
10 namespace caffe {
18 template <typename Dtype>
19 class InputLayer : public Layer<Dtype> {
20  public:
21  explicit InputLayer(const LayerParameter& param)
22  : Layer<Dtype>(param) {}
23  virtual void LayerSetUp(const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& bottom,
24  const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& top);
25  // Data layers have no bottoms, so reshaping is trivial.
26  virtual void Reshape(const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& bottom,
27  const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& top) {}
29  virtual inline const char* type() const { return "Input"; }
30  virtual inline int ExactNumBottomBlobs() const { return 0; }
31  virtual inline int MinTopBlobs() const { return 1; }
33  protected:
34  virtual void Forward_cpu(const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& bottom,
35  const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& top) {}
36  virtual void Backward_cpu(const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& top,
37  const vector<bool>& propagate_down, const vector<Blob<Dtype>*>& bottom) {}
38 };
40 } // namespace caffe
An interface for the units of computation which can be composed into a Net.
Definition: layer.hpp:33
A layer factory that allows one to register layers. During runtime, registered layers can be called b...
Definition: blob.hpp:14
virtual int ExactNumBottomBlobs() const
Returns the exact number of bottom blobs required by the layer, or -1 if no exact number is required...
Definition: input_layer.hpp:30
virtual void LayerSetUp(const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &bottom, const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &top)
Does layer-specific setup: your layer should implement this function as well as Reshape.
Definition: input_layer.cpp:8
virtual void Forward_cpu(const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &bottom, const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &top)
Using the CPU device, compute the layer output.
Definition: input_layer.hpp:34
virtual int MinTopBlobs() const
Returns the minimum number of top blobs required by the layer, or -1 if no minimum number is required...
Definition: input_layer.hpp:31
Provides data to the Net by assigning tops directly.
Definition: input_layer.hpp:19
virtual const char * type() const
Returns the layer type.
Definition: input_layer.hpp:29
virtual void Backward_cpu(const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &top, const vector< bool > &propagate_down, const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &bottom)
Using the CPU device, compute the gradients for any parameters and for the bottom blobs if propagate_...
Definition: input_layer.hpp:36
virtual void Reshape(const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &bottom, const vector< Blob< Dtype > *> &top)
Adjust the shapes of top blobs and internal buffers to accommodate the shapes of the bottom blobs...
Definition: input_layer.hpp:26
A wrapper around SyncedMemory holders serving as the basic computational unit through which Layers...
Definition: blob.hpp:24